Infinite Doom

I woke up this morning with a niggling feeling in the back of my head. I couldn’t quite work out what it was, but it kept irritating me. It stayed with me all through the day, right up until the very minute I started writing this post.

It was pure panic.

For the simple reason that it’s now the 2nd of January and I still haven’t achieved any goals yet.

Okay, I’m officially insane.

As midnight rolled around on New Years Eve and we let off our party poppers in Mane’s family’s front room, I was filled with optimism. This is the year that it all changes, this is the year I actually Make Shit Happen. And I’ve got a list of 101 things I can Make Happen.

So why am I so worried that I’ve not done any of them yet, apart from eating more fruit?

Early days panic, I suppose. You know that feeling. First elation, then concern, then panic, then OHMIGODDOOOOOM. Then elation again.

Anyway. I’ll start off lightly.

In the coming weeks, expect reports on the following.

  • Learning how to crochet (with the lovely crochet set I got from my Secret Santa).
  • Reading a Shakespeare play.
  • Watching a shit tonne of Red Dwarf.
  • Reading a lot of Marian Keyes.





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