The One With Myths And Shakespeare Headaches

I like to think of myself as a smart kinda tart. I have an immense knowledge of trivia, can recommend you a movie any day of the week and read vast quantities of books on a yearly basis.

But I’d like to be a bit smarter.

I’d like to have a bit more knowledge, specifically about the things that interest me and the things that escaped me during my formal education years. Thus, the following challenges were born.

100 ~ Read a book I’d never thought I’d read.


62~ Read one Shakespeare play.

The Shakespeare play was easy enough to acquire. My boyfriend and father-in-law are both fans of the good Sir, and you can’t turn for his plays in this house. The tricksy thing was choosing which one.

“I want to read one of his comedies.” I said, as my other half peered into his voluminous bookcase (while naked, but that’s a totally different matter). I was handed a copy of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and delved in.

At the same time, I got my hands on my other half’s copy of Dr. Brooke Magnanti’s (personal hero of mine) The Sex Myth, a book dispelling some of the myths in the world of sexuality. This is not your average book about sex. This is not Tracey Cox-type sex advice. This is a hard-hitting, but at all times witty look at why certain people push forward faulty ideas about sexuality.

It’s not the lightest of reads.

Far from.

I have to confess that I actually started reading a few weeks ago, when the other half was in Germany. But I picked it up again at the start of the year and worked my way through. The last chapter was a blur of numbers and words, but nonetheless, it taught me a hell of a lot about the world I write my blog in. People aren’t always in it for the best of interests, and it was enlightening to see how some of the research figures they present are pulled out of thin air.

Couple that with the fact that I never actually thought I’d read a book about research and data, and I’d say that mission 100 is accomplished.

As for Oberon and his consorts, I’m nearly through the play. Can’t say it isn’t giving me a headache though.



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