The One With The Shouty Parliament

Now, having lived here for a certain amount of time, I can say I’ve pretty much caught up with certain points of culture.

There’s one thing that still mystifies me though. British politics are a bit of a grey area in my mind. For anyone from outside looking in on the situation, it seems quite amusing. What with Boris Johnson’s spurts of nonsense (he once stated that the Olympic Velodrome had been rubbed in with rhubarb- no really.), you’d think that their politics are a Friday night sitcom.

Still. There’s a dark surface.

And to completely explore this dark surface, one has to do exactly what I did. Watch Prime Minister’s Questions, that is.

The weekly chance for members of Parliament to pose questions to David Cameron is quite a fascinating thing to watch. I’m doing it the entire month, to fulfil Goal nr 88 on the list.

There are three things you should know about PMQ.

  1. It gets shouty.
  2. You will pity speaker John Bercow, who has to field the questions.
  3. David Cameron is extremely good at avoiding giving a decent and honest answer to anyone who’s not in his own party. And even then.

This week’s half an hour saw Ed Miliband (leader of Labour, the opposition) firing question after question about the dishonesty of the benefit cuts that are about to befall Britain towards our Prime Minister. Needless to say, at the end of this half hour, I was pretty fucking pissed with how this nation’s politics are going.

Everyone shouts.

Cameron dodges.

Miliband tries in vain to get a decent and fair answer.

It’s gonna be a long four weeks if this goes on.



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