Hi, there! My name is Rhyannah, but since that is a preposterous name nearly everyone (including the mother who so brutally named me) calls me Rhye. You may, too. Apart from The Goal Mine you can find me over at Seven Seas Of Rhye. My posts might be few and far in between, but I still dare to call myself a blogger.

Imagine that.

Born in March 1988 I’m a 24 year old, blue eyed brunette standing 5’6” tall when on my tippy toes. I got married to my marine-gone-freelance-photographer/bartender-gone-firefighter male counterpart Sam on May 31st, 2012.

Our fraternal twin girls (who shall be know as Thing 1 and Thing 2) were born in October. You’re free to do the math, but if you’re a hardcore bible thumper the answer might not make you very happy. Perhaps you can find some solace in the fact that Sam and I have been together since 2005.

During my pregnancy we also welcomed the 6-year-old (The Boy) and 3-year-old (The Girl) into our family, transforming us from a shacked up couple into married parents of four, seemingly overnight.

Because of this, a lot of my goals are about putting down roots in my new hometown, settling into the role of being a parent and simultaneously keeping the spark alive between Sam and myself.

Fingers crossed, huh?

You can find all of my goals here. Enjoy!


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