Starting Date: January 1st 2013
End Date: September 29th, 2015
Goals completed so far: 4
Goals failed so far: 0
Goals in progress: 4

Completed goals will be displayed like this and marked with a ♥
Goals in progress will be displayed like this.
Failed goals will be displayed like this.

Day Zero Goals


  1. Make dinner for Loverboy ♥
  2. Spend the night at the St. Pancras Hotel.
  3. Visit Paris.
  4. Go on a picnic.
  5. Go to an exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum together.
  6. Take Loverboy to Belgium to see where I grew up.
  7. Take Loverboy on a weekend away to Ostend.
  8. Attend Eroticon 2013.
  9. Get a personal domain name for the blog.
  10. Get published in 5 anthologies.
  11. Write a novella and get it published.
  12. Write the first 10k of a novel.
  13. Find a job that suits my qualifications.
  14. Save up 500 pounds towards our own flat.
  15. Save up 500 pounds towards an activity of choice.
  16. Make a weekly shopping list for four weeks.
  17. Don’t buy a book for two weeks.
  18. Drink 1l of water every day for a week.
  19. Find a cheap gym class to join.
  20. Brush my teeth twice a day for a week.
  21. Eat two pieces of fruit every day for the duration of the DZP.
  22. Eat one piece of veg every day for the duration of the DZP.
  23. Collect ten vintage issues of a magazine of choice.
  24. Read five classic books.
  25. See 10 classic movies.
  26. See a movie at the Prince Charles Cinema.
  27. Read the Millennium Trilogy.
  28. Read Catch-22.
  29. Read 50 books I haven’t read before. (4/50)
  30. Go to the cinema once a week for two months.
  31. Find a good coffee place.
  32. Join the library.♥
  33. Find a hairdresser that suits me.♥
  34. Find a dentist that gets me.
  35. Find a place that does a decent breakfast.
  36. Find a new flat for me and Loverboy.
  37. Make my own holiday cards for a year.
  38. Learn how to crochet.
  39. Learn how to knit properly.
  40. Successfully complete one knitting project.
  41. Donate to five charities.
  42. Smile to 20 random strangers on the Tube.
  43. Give to every busker/street performer I encounter for a week.
  44. Donate unwanted books to the library
  45. Do one good thing for another person every Friday for two months.
  46. Ride the London Eye.
  47. Buy a Lomo camera.
  48. Take burlesque lessons.
  49. Take a stand up comedy course.
  50. Make it an entire week without watching Come Dine With Me.
  51. Try five new sexual positions.
  52. Go to a burlesque performance together.
  53. Book a night at a hotel for no other reason than to be away for a night.
  54. Perform a striptease for Loverboy.
  55. Start my own podcast.
  56. Finish writing Piano Man.
  57. Rewrite The Candy Lads.
  58. Buy a garden gnome for the lounge.
  59. Write five songs.
  60. Have at least one of those songs put to music.
  61. Successfully have a request played on the radio.
  62. Read one Shakespeare play. (Reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream)
  63. Attend five plays of choice.
  64. Read The Vagina Monologues.
  65. Perform my poetry on stage again.
  66. Visit five London museums.
  67. Have sex outdoors.
  68. Go to a James gig.
  69. Successfully bake an apple pie.
  70. Compete in a writing contest.
  71. Get my ears pierced.
  72. Get a tattoo.
  73. Listen to one TED talk every week for two months.
  74. Watch a documentary every week for two months.
  75. Attend Slutwalk.
  76. Read all of Marian Keyes’s books.
  77. Get published on five new websites.
  78. Join a boxercize class.
  79. Wake up an hour early in the morning for three weeks.
  80. Start reading The Sandman series.
  81. Watch all three series of The Killing.
  82. Watch all ten series of Red Dwarf.
  83. Self-publish a volume of stories on Amazon.
  84. Invest in a fountain pen and leather-bound notebook.
  85. Write 1000 words a day for a month.
  86. Go to a fan convention.
  87. Write a monologue.
  88. Watch Prime Minister’s Questions every week for a month. (1/4)
  89. Do Project 365.
  90. Go to an Adam Kay gig.
  91. Learn how to make jewellery.
  92. Plant a herb garden.
  93. Write a manifesto of some sorts.
  94. Learn basic first aid.
  95. Learn 50 new things by clicking the random articles button on Wikipedia.
  96. Start reading two new magazines.
  97. See Dara O’Briain live.
  98. Buy a dress without looking at the price tag.
  99. Make five collages.
  100. Read one book that I never thought I would read.


101. See Lady Gaga in concert.


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