Starting Date: January 1st 2013
End Date: September 29th, 2015
Goals completed so far: 0
Goals failed so far: 0
Goals in progress: 8

Completed goals will be displayed like this and marked with a
Goals in progress will be displayed like this.
Failed goals will be displayed like this.

Me & Him
1. Date night, once every two weeks until the end of the DZP. [1/71]
2. Go to bed at the same time every day for two weeks straight. [0/14]
3. Try fifteen new recipes by cooking them together. [2/15]
4. Spend a day/night at the fire station with Sam.
5. Go out with friends instead of each other once a month until the end of the DZP. [0/33]
6. Find the time to soak in a hot bath together ten times. [0/10]
7. Take pictures in a photo booth.
8. Write 20 Things I Love About Sam on post-it notes and hide them for him to find randomly.
9. Go to a fancy restaurant for our first wedding anniversary.
10. Get out of town for our second wedding anniversary.

Us & Them
11. Homemade Pizza Night, once a month until the end of the DZP. [1/33]
12. Picnic at the park on three Sundays. [0/3]
13. Take the kids to the zoo.
14. Spend a weekend at the beach.
15. Let the kids decide on what to do on four Saturdays and do it, no matter how silly it is. [0/4]
16. Build a tree house.
17. Go swimming at least once every two weeks until the end of the DZP. [1/71]
18. Put up a tent in the backyard and sleep in it.
19. Spend a day by a lake.
20. Have a bonfire outdoors and roast hot dogs and marshmallows.

Trips & Travel
21. Finally go on a honeymoon.
22. City trip with the kids.
23. City trip without the kids.
24. Go overseas with the kids.
25. Go see the Grand Canyon with the kids.
26. Visit three cities I’ve never been to before. [0/3]
27. Go on a trip with some girlfriends.
28. Take the kids to Disney World.
29. Take the kids to visit my mom and dad in Texas.
30. Mardi Gras like a tourist in New Orleans.

Financial Fun
31. Save up $5000. [0/5000]
32. Make $2000 from eBay and Etsy sales. [0/2000]
33. Set up a college fund for all the kids. [0/4]
34. Put $1 in a jar for every completed goal. [0/101]
35. Donate $5 to charity for every failed/uncompleted goal by the end of the DZP.

Health & Fitness
36. Invest in some decent running shoes.
37. Set up a workable fitness routine and stick to it for at least 30 days straight. [0/30]
38. Get through Sam’s workout routine at least once (without dying).
39. Run a half marathon for the ALS association.
40. Eat breakfast every day for two weeks straight. [0/14]
41. Eat two pieces of fruit a day for two weeks straight. [0/14]
42. Go completely vegetarian for thirty days straight. [0/30]
43. Remember to take my vitamins every day for thirty days straight. [0/30]
44. Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of fluid a day for two weeks straight. [0/14]
45. Floss after every meal for two weeks straight. [0/14]

Putting Down Roots
46. Make (at least) three new friends. [0/3]
47. Accept everyone’s invitation (when possible) for 30 days straight. [0/30]
48. Find the best coffee place in town.
49. Find the best pizza place in town.
50. Find the best breakfast/brunch/lunch place in town.
51. Find a hairdresser that gets me and my hair.
52. Find a family physician we’re all happy with.
53. Find a dentist we’re all happy with.
54. Have Sam drop me off somewhere in the middle of town and get lost/find my own way home.
55. Unpack all the boxes currently stored in our garage.
56. Join a gym.
57. Go to church 15 Sundays in a row. [2/15]
58. Plant 4 fruit trees in our backyard. [0/4]
59. Get a library card.
60. Look into job options and decide if and/or when I want one.

Passing Time
61. Read 50 books I haven’t read before. [1/50] Click for titles!
62. Watch 30 movies I haven’t seen before. [6/30] Click for titles!
63. Go see 10 movies in the theater. [1/10]
64. Go see a musical.
65. Go see a play.
66. Go see a ballet.
67. Go to Festival International de Louisiane.
68. Have a cookout with at least 20 people.
69. Go on a double date.
70. Go to a High School football game.

Family & Friends
71. Find a way for all 6 of us to attend my brother’s wedding in Paris.
72. Send care packages to my brothers – one for every month deployed.
73. Make a contribution to mom’s annual family newsletter, without complaining and/or being snarky.
74. Host Christmas Dinner at our house.
75. Spend New Year’s with as much family as we can possibly get in one place.

Karma Boosters
76. Leave 100% tip.
77. Pay for the meal of the person behind me in a drive-thru.
78. Give money to every homeless person/street musician I encounter for 7 days straight. [0/7]
79. Put in 20 hours as a tutor at the youth center.
80. Round up old newspapers, blankets and towels in the neighborhood and donate them to an animal shelter.
81. Volunteer at the animal shelter as a dog walker for 4 Saturdays. [0/4]
82. No negativity/sarcasm for 3 days straight. [0/3]
83. Smile at 25 complete strangers who look grumpy. [0/25]
84. Do something nice for someone without letting them know it was me.
85. Raise money for the ALS association.
86. Celebrate my 25th birthday by doing the Birthday Project.
87. Drive the girl next door to school for a week so she doesn’t have to take the bus.
88. Give away a full tank of gas to someone who needs it.
89. Volunteer for something through church.
90. Give out 10 ‘I saw this and thought of you’ gifts. [0/10]

Me Me Me
91. Treat myself to a full day at a spa.
92. Buy a dress I feel sexy in without looking at the price tag.
93. Get a medi/pedi without a specific reason.
94. Buy a new perfume.
95. Get a massage once a month until the end of the DZP. [0/33]

96. Try 10 of Cosmo’s sex tips, and survive. [0/10]
97. Have sex every day for 30 days straight. [0/30]
98. Have sex every time Sam initiates it for 7 days straight. [0/7]
99. Spend a night at a hotel for no other reason than to enjoy some alone time.
100. Be cliché and have sex in the car.

The Wild Card
101. Go to Africa.


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